I  N  N  O  V  A  T  O  R  S    W  I  T  H    Z  I  N  C


We produce two main groups of zinc alloys:

  • Die casting zinc alloys according to European standard EN1774: ZL2, ZL3, ZL5, ZL8... which we market under our trade mark as MAZAK2, MAZAK3, MAZAK5, MAZAK8...

  • Galvanizing zinc aluminium alloys according to customers’ requirements and specifications. We can manufacture alloy to specifications within a very tight tolerance range of 0.1%.

  • O u r   p r o d u c t s   a r e   e x c l u s i v e l y   m a n u f a c t u r e d f r o m   9 9 . 9 9 5   %   p r i m a r y   S H G   z i n c .

    Our die casting alloys are available in standard ingots (for manual feeding) or claw end ingots (for automatic feeding); supplied on metal stools or on wooden pallets according to customer requirements.

    Our metal stools are designed to enable easy handling by hand-driven forklifts.

    Our galvanizing alloys are available as jumbo blocks (2 tonnes, 1 tonne, ½ tonne),
    or small ingots.

    A New Zinc Alloy Mazak 7+

    We produce the new high fluidity Zinc die-casting alloy for thin section die-castings. Developed through the International Lead Zinc Research Organisation. The new alloy has up to 40% increased fluidity over conventional zinc alloys allowing wall thicknesses of as little as 0.3mm, giving high strength castings with reduced weight, with minimal change in mechanical properties.Please see ilustration below:

    The new alloy has been used at die-casters in the U.K., Germany and China with excellent results.