I  N  N  O  V  A  T  O  R  S    W  I  T  H    Z  I  N  C

M A Z A K  3

Z n A l 4
EN1774 ZL0400, ASTM B86 (AG 40 A), R301(ZnAl4)

Mazak 3 has a very desirable combination of mechanical and physical properties which, coupled with its ability to be cast by the hot chamber diecasting process, makes this the most widely used alloy. It has many wide-ranging application including automotive engineering, builders hardware, locks, toys and giftware.

Mazak 3 is unsurpassed in its ability to take a variety of surface finishes such as electroplating, powder coating, anodising, etc. for both decorative purposes and as an extra protection for extra-ordinarily severe corrosive environments. It is readily machined and good formability assists assembly and forming processes.

Mazak 3 is available in standard or claw end ingot forms.

Mechanical Properties As-cast Aged
Tensile Strength (MPa) 283 241
Shear Strength (MPa) 214
Elongation (% in 51mm) 10 16
Hardness (Brinell - 500Kg) 82 72
Impact Strength (Energy, Joules) 58.3 55.6
Fatigue Strength 5 x 108 cycles (MPa) 47.6

Physical properties  
Density 6.7 Kg/dm3 at 21°C
Solidification shrinkage 1.17%
Casting shrinkage 0.6% (pressure diecast)
Freezing range 381 - 387°C
Casting temperature 400 - 420°C
Specific heat capacity 418.7 J/Kg/°C at 20 - 100°C
Thermal expansion 27.4 x 10-6 linear per °C at 20 - 100°C
Thermal conductivity 113 W/m/hr/m2/°C at 70 - 140°C
Electrical conductivity 27% IACS
Electrical resistance 6.3694 μ ohm cm at 20°C


Alloying elements  
Aluminum 4.0%
Magnesium 0.05%
Iron < 0.01%
Lead < 0.003%
Cadmium < 0.003%
Tin < 0.001%
Nickel < 0.001%
Silicon < 0.02%
Copper < 0.03%