I  N  N  O  V  A  T  O  R  S    W  I  T  H    Z  I  N  C


M a z a k  C e n t r i f u g a l  C a s t i n g  a l l o y

MCC (also known as KS) is a zinc based alloy ideal for the production of strong decorative components by centrifugal casting and easy to cast close to finished form and redundant tooling can be remelted and re-used providing it is not contaminated with other materials, particularly lead or solder.

MCC is also an alloy with excelent fluidity. However dimensional stability and retention of mechanical properties over a period of years or when subjected to higher service temperature are not as good as zinc alloys for pressure casting as Mazak 3, Mazak 5 or Mazak 8.

Physical properties  
Density 6.8 Kg/dm3 at 20°C
Solidification range 370 - 380°C
Shrinkage 6 - 10 ‰
Lin. thermal expansion 28.0 x 10-6 coef./°C


Alloying elements  
Aluminum 4.0%
Copper 2.8%
Magnesium 0.5%
Iron < 0.01%
Lead < 0.003%
Cadmium < 0.003%
Tin < 0.001%
Nickel < 0.001%
Silicon < 0.02%